ADDITIONAL INFORMATION for Road to Simple Session 2024 Finland

What is Road to session finland series?

Series is about finding out Top 3 allround finnish riders to Simple Session 2024. It includes Dirt, Street and Park competitions. You need to participate in all three events to collect points for the best score. After the last competition we count the points together and there will be our Top 3 riders for this year’s Simple Session 2024 which is in Tartu, Estonia 21-25.08.2024.

NB! You need to let us know before the competition that you are participating in the Road to Simple Session so our judges know who is collecting points!

What and when are these three competitions?

The first competition is Ansa & Kuoppa Savela dirt jam 15.06.24. The second competition is the Yötön 2 jam in Helsinki 20.07.24. The last competition is Finnish champion competition at Myyrmäki 17.08.24. More info about the exact competition can be found at our “Events” page or social media.

How to collect points?

You need to register yourself before competition starts by sending an email to

This way judges will know which riders are competing against each other and can give them their placing and points.

The best score is to collect the smallest number of points.

1st place = 1 point

2nd place = 2 points

3rd place = 3 points

and so on…

If you miss one competition for some reason you will automatically get 5 points added. But, by missing one competition you still will have a chance to be in the Top 3.

Also at the same time you need to participate at least in 2 rounds of qualifications to be eligible for the top 3.

If two or more riders get an equal amount of points, then the placing in the last competition holds down what is your position against each other.

Riders placing after the 5th will score 5 points automatically.


Ansa & Kuoppa Savela Dirt Jam

Qualification ROUND1

Rocky Balboa 1st = 1 point

Tarzan 2nd  = 2 points

King Kong 3rd = 3 points

Super Mario 4th = 4 points

Yötön 2 Jam

Qualification ROUND2 

King Kong 1st = 1 p.

Super Mario 2nd = 2 p.

Rocky Balboa 3rd = 3 p.

Chuck Norris 4th = 4 p.

Tarzan 5th = 5 p.

Finnish National Competition 2024

Qualification ROUND3

Chuck Norris 1st = 1 point

Rocky Balboa 2nd = 2 points

Tarzan 3rd = 3 points

King Kong 4th = 4 points 

1st. Rocky Balboa 1+3+2=6

2nd. King Kong 3+1+4=8

3rd. Chuck Norris (skip)5+4+1= 10 Chuck Norris gets third place and qualifies for Simple Session, because in the last round of qualification he placed higher than Tarzan

4th. Tarzan 2+5+3=10

5th. Super Mario 4+2+(skip)5=11

As you can see things can get spicy.

If there is anything questionable, please contact us immediately, so we can improve and put out a better explanations out here on our site. Thank you and good luck to everyone! See you on Events !

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